R ussian Global Media House was launched in 2003. Since then they have emerged into one of the largest Russian media groups to date. They represent magazines such as: Socialite Magazine, New Style Magazine, and New Russian Yellow Pages. Socialite Magazine targets the most affluent Russian-European and RussianAmerican social groups. Today, Russian Global Media House remains the only well-established luxury media group in the United States, targeting the most sophisticated consumers of the Russian speaking communities.

Socialite Magazine's concept is to let people into the lives and life styles of the most elite & prominent individuals of the international Russian community. Socialites' philosophy reflects the new lifestyle and mind-set of Russian people in Europe and the United States.

In recent years, we have grown our distribution to cover such European cities as London, Paris, Moscow, and Kiev. In the United States we are able to bring a facet of Russian-European lifestyle, enter- tainment and social calendar to the country like never before.Socialite Magazine symbolizes a unique combination of Russian-American and European high-society cultures.We follow the lives, agendas, and travels of the most affluent individu-

als of these communities and feature only the most exquisite products, glamorous events, exclusive hot spots and fabulous destinations.

This publication is aimed at Russians living in Europe, Russia, and the United States, as well as those coming to visit. With Socialite Magazine foreign companies are able to target the most sophisticated Russian consumers.

We continue holding and taking part in events, fund-raisers, fashion shows in luxury boutiques, hotels around the world. Our database of the Russian community in Europe, Russia, and here in the U.S, which includes both individuals, social groups and organizations, continues to grow rapidly.

The idea behind Socialite Magazine is to give an extensive overview of the most exclusive events as well as the cultural, social and entertainment life taking place in the United States, UK, Moscow, and Kiev. It also covers all the important information regarding living in style, fine dining, and jet-set life style.

With such an extensive portfolio we could not think of a better name for our newest publication than SOCIALITE MAGAZINE. This venture holds vast plans for the future and great confidence in our continuing success and expansion.


We at Socialite Magazine are very selective in our travel choices.Whether we're covering luxurious spas and hotels, romantic tropical destinations, or busy urban centers, you can be confident in our top of the line standards.

Our high quality, glossy publication allows us to elevate the presentation of fashion to an art form. Styled and photographed by true visionaries, our spreads showcase the most sought out fashion and the most important names gracing the runways.

Bringing the most up to date restaurant reviews for our die-hard food connoisseurs, we provide thorough restaurant reviews for even the most discerning gourmand, giving a sense of the overall dining experience, from the vine, to the clientele, to the texture of the foie gras.

Socialite Magazine covers fund-raiser events, gallery, hotel, & restaurant openings in UK, Moscow, Kiev, and the United States. It also covers the most exclusive social events and gatherings.


S ocialite Magazine has one of the highest distributions of any other magazine of the same caliber. Distributed to the finest hotels, spas, restaurants, salons, high-end retailers, medical & professional offices and other premium locations where target readers can be found, including: UK, Moscow, Kiev, Miami, NY, Los Angeles, Boston, & Chicago.

Readers of Socialite Magazine comprise the most prominent social and professional groups in the Russian-Speaking communities.

AGE GROUP: 20-55

INCOME > $260,000.00
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